How many users can access my account?

There is no limit to how many users can be associated with an account.

What is the hierarchy I can assign my employees within Grey Trunk?

The Admin has the highest rank within Grey Trunk. They can add users and employees as well as set all of their privileges.  Users are next in rank. Users have the ability to view, edit, add, and delete assets (if and only if the Admin has given them permission to do so). Users can also be given permission to check out and check in assets, dispose and undispose assets, and denote assets as lost or found. Employees can have assets checked out to them and view assets but have no editing/adding/deleting privileges. 

How can I limit what users can do?

You can either limit the actions users have access to perform when you set up the user or, as the admin, you can edit their permissions under the 'manage users/employees' tab. 

What is the difference between a user and an employee?

Employees can only view assets. A user can be assigned additional privileges.